You love the way that I roll
The shoes, glam and the gold
It's too much for your soul
It's gonna leave you empty
You need to fill the void
You don't need Sigmund Freud
I'll give you everything you want just let me take you home
You can't resist all the glare
You have to stop and stare
You think you know me but you still can't wait to hear some more
I'm like the phantom around you (I'll leave you breathless)
Just count 1-2-3... I'll make you scream

[Pre Chorus:]
They say I'm picture perfect
They say I'm oh-so-fine
They see what's on the surface
But not what's on mind

I'm all you want, I'm all you need
You just don't know it
But you see I'll make you love me, make you hate me
There is no way out now
You're in my trap, I'm in control
There's no escape from the untold
Just try to make it through the night
Cuz there's no way out now

I'm in your dreams, in your thoughts
I'm in the atmosphere
Your under pressure dear
You'll soon be full of fear
Don't let your vision distort
You'll never find your way back
When I'm around everything fades into black
Don't dare to look in my eyes - I'd say it's rather unwise
You see the beauty but you don't know that they hypnotize
You don't even know but you'll soon realize
That I can change the way you think and what you idolize

[Pre Chorus]

You know you can't stop looking at my glare
I'll make your heart stop - love is in the air
I'll make you mine - I'll take you anywhere

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Picture Perfect! Lyrics

Jeffree Star – Picture Perfect! Lyrics