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Don’t Cha Lyrics

Jeffree Star – Don’t Cha Lyrics

Okay let the tranny mix it up
Miss Queen c***, Lady Pop Quiz and Diamond Girl
Give it to me fast (and hard)

You know this princess is hot
So you better watch as I swallow that c***
Lick it up and down cause you like it a lot and I'll take a chainsaw to your fucking g-spot
And everytime I come through when you set up on the scene
All you greedy mother fuckers want to see me get mean

I beat haters in the face with big stiletto heels
You want to get close so you know how that feels

You want to fuck me (you want to fuck me)
I know you do (I know you do)
Cause when your girl is not around, you want me going down on you (mmm I'm thirsty)
And I know you want it (I know you fucking want it)
Calling my phone (running up my minutes ho)
You're on your knees, begging me please, when she's not at home (I'm coming over ho)

Don't cha wish your girlfriend had a dick like me.
Don't cha wish your girlfriend had plastic surgery.
Don't cha, don't cha

Don't cha wish your girlfriend was tight like me.
Don't cha wish your girlfriend liked sodomy.
Don't cha, don't cha

Cheat on your girlfriend (every guy does)
Push her out of the car (run that bitch over)
Cause when you're in bed, while she's giving you head you're screaming Jeffree star (oh Jeffree)
She says that she hates me (I hate her too)
I don't fucking care (oh you care)
You better leave her, beat her with a cleaver while I'm standing there (haha bye bitch)


L. P. Q. In the house.
Oh Jeffree Star, you better shut your trap and listen up
Jeffree Jeffree Jeffree oh can't you see, what's with all the negativity You're the queen of mean with millions of fans
But you ain't gonna get my man (what bitch)
You ain't gonna steal my man (god shut up)
You ain't gonna fuck my man (yes I am)

I'm the C to the you to the N to the T.
Bitch if you're looking for a man he's in bed with me,
With hot pink hair, always wearing mac make-up.
Babes are calling non-stop begging me to hook up, most of them have girlfriends they keep me secret
But just like heroin you can't fucking beat it

I don't need tits or a vagina to make him mine, just flash a little smile and let them see it from behind
After I'm done sucking on his blow pop, I lift up my head and see he's going to shock
No one can do the things I can do, niggas show me their ass and my name is tattooed

And bitch kill yourself if you think I have an ego
Fuck yourself with a condom and now put it in my asshole (*Jeffree moans*)

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