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Showdown Lyrics

Jefferson Starship – Showdown Lyrics

from album: Nuclear Furniture (1984)
They walk with their arms away from their sides
Cause it's all in the timing
Who wins the fight
All around them the signs are clear
It's gone too far
Now the showdown is here
Showdown is here

Hungry dogs follow
And the vultures lead
The original greed
But there's too much fire
For the perfect match
Now it's just a matter of the first attack

Which one is right
That's no longer clear
Anger has no light
When it's covered with fear
Never turn your back
That's always when you're caught
You're a dead man on the rack
'cause you're just too proud to stop

Absolute quiet is the final warning - showdown
Six minutes and the war is roaring -showdown
The voice of reason was buried this morning -showdown
Decision for death is the final story -showdown

We used to love it when they came on the scream
The good guys strong
And the bad guys mean
But the story has changed
Now the ending's insane
The audience dies
In the final frame
It's the final game

Now both sides are gone
No funerals
No priests
No crowds singing songs
No heroes in the streets
Both sides were wrong
Just too stubborn to teach
And it was just too long
Before enough people had the courage to speak
And say

No showdown
No showdown
No showdown

They walk with their arms away from their sides
Will the ones who are left
Still say they are right?
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Songwriters: GRACE SLICK
Showdown lyrics © Wixen Music Publishing

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