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Champion Lyrics

Jefferson Starship – Champion Lyrics

from album: Nuclear Furniture (1984)
Unused lyrics from lyric sheets:
And suddenly all and everything we know
Had burst into flames
Erupted in fire

In the heat of the river
In the heat of the morning sun
I saw rose
Out on the river
Staring down the city guns
She said
I am the one
I am the champion
Optimum champion
She said

I am the one
I am the only one
In the aftermath of atomic fire
I'll be your champion

Distinctly unhumble they said
That's what they called her then
But everything she touched
Seemed to turn out like magic then
And the walls
The walls of the city
They fell down like magic then
And the walls
The walls of my heart
They fell apart like magic then
She was the one
She was the number one
In this age of madness
This age of the gun
Rose was the champion

Hot war who could ask for more
Six minutes on a cold winter morning
Cold war ain't here no more
Rose, rose, take me home
Lightning rose
Carry me home

Take me home
Home home home
There is no more order
Nanananananananana (continues in the background until **)
And there is no more yale
There is no more new york
No more central park
No more walter cronkite
Duran duran
No more bruce springsteen (he bought it)
No more ray charles
Or mtv
Or rca victor
And yale is a sheet of radio-active glass thirty miles across
No more jodie foster
And there is no more california
No more moscow, or mecca, no tel aviv, or riyadh or peking or cuba no london
No washington dc
Kansas is left
They didn't touch cleveland!
And there are no more bombs
They used them all!
Not many russians left
And there no more assholes
There'll always be assholes
Why couldn't we stop it then, what did we do so wrong
And it's such a bloody drag to have to rebuild civilization all over again
Nananananana nananana
Nananananana nananana

There is no more order
But there is rose
And rose is your heart
And rose is love
And rose is spirit
And faith and light
Rose is friday night
And we all have rose
If we start right now
And if we sing long enough
And if we sing loudly enough
And if we sing strong enough
We can make a difference
We can make a difference
Yeah yeah yeah, she said
I'll be the one
I'll be the only one

Unused lyrics on lyric sheet:
Let there be light on this planet
And let it shine through me
Let there be travellers who venture
Far from the beaten path
And let one of them be me
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Songwriters: PAUL L KANTNER
Champion lyrics © Wixen Music Publishing

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