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There's No Other Me Lyrics

Jeff Beck – There's No Other Me Lyrics

Open up my eyes
I see a quarter of life
Didn't want to go but when I get there I smile yeah
Never wanted to be a perfect child no
So I'll experience a little rough, a little mild

Open up my mind and my love will get loud
A little louder
Hear my soulful notion
Of mine is overflowing through, oh oh ooh
The musicians are all knowing
They watch the oracle floating away
What can I say, Yeah!

This is how I am
This is all I'll be
So understand
There's no other me
Go take your stand
There's no other me

Open up my life, you fall in so sweetly now
Try to cut the trip and it doubled inside
If I forget, it lifts and confuses my mind
So I stay just a couple lifts longer
Here comes the heat not released now
Sometimes I stop, about to breathe now, ooh

Don't stop the sweat, breathe it in now
Can't let the song get defeated now!
Don't stop the sound of the beat yeah!
I can't think, I won't think, I'm feeling
It's your fault
You've not got me breathing ow ow OW!!
Got me breathing out OW Yeah yeah yeah yeah!!
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