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Untitled Hidden Track Lyrics

Jedi Mind Tricks – Untitled Hidden Track Lyrics

Vp = Vinnie Paz
Dd = Des Devious


Vp: Yeah. Fuck Geo-*blanked out* and what he stand for
Dd: For sendin' my little cousin into the damn war
Vp: What the fuck we on sombody else's land for?
Dd: Murder innocent people for Uncle Sam's law
Vp: Everybody know it's all over oil
Dd: It's all for the greed and the money that ain't for you
Vp: it's off with the head of *blanked out* that ain't loyal
Dd: Off with the head of a snake, he ain't for you
Vp: *blanked out* givin' dollars to the Taliban
Dd: And young Americans dead before they had a fam
Vp: Look, I don't got a beef with the war
Dd: I got a beef with a war mistreatin' the poor
Vp: I got beef with everything that he do
Dd: I got beef with the lies misleading the youth
Vp: And I'm about to take the law in my own hands
Dd: And I'm about to *blanked out* a grown man
Vp: *unintelligible* we should run up at night
Dd: Black masks, black tape, black *blanked out*
Vp: Should we terrorize the city like the summer of Sam?
Dd: Or should we bang this *blanked out* without a plan?


Vp: We *blanked out*
Dd: And I'm about to run up in this motherfucker and blast
Vp: First things first, cousin, how we get in?
Dd: We could take the janitor for all they gear and they timbs
Vp: e could tell them that we tryin' to raise money for aids
Dd: And we could start the onslaught for all they criminal ways
Vp: Now that we in here, where the fuckin *blanked out*?
Dd: Where my four pound?
Vp: Where my fuckin knife at? My fault, it's right here with the spiked bat
Dd: We dettin' them raw, nobody can fight back
Vp: Probably in the bedroom scared to death
Dd: Gunshots, wait till you see what's next
Vp: Des, kick in the door! If the *blanked out* make a move *blanked out*
Dd: nigga it's movin, the *blanked out* took a piss on the floor
Vp: *blanked out* ain't gettin' nothing else except a kick in the jaw
Dd: Tell *blanked out* we need more money for poor folks
Vp: And to respect others like the book that Allah wrote
Dd: Nah, nigga, I ain't with that deal
Vp: Oh *blanked out* how it feel?

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