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Stop Lyrics

Jeanette – Stop Lyrics

You've got to stop
Baby, it's not
All that hot to be in love with you
It's got to stop
Baby, I'll drop
You right here and find somebody new
You've got to stop
Darlin', it's not
All that great to stay so close to you
It's got to stop
Your damn last shot
Don't feel bad to make you really blue

I was chillin' with my friends at a party
You promised me some pleasure
And it seemed to be attractive to get naughty
So we went right upstairs together
It was clear to me as soon as we were ready
I would want you next to me
So I've asked you still that night to see me steady
And you said it was all right

And the time passed by, I started realizin'
You kept me in a prison
Felt like breakin' free and that was not surprising
I sensed the end has just arisen
Then I told you all about the situation
You didn't make me happy
'twas a peaceful offer for a separation
But you immediately got angry

There must be a guy who can supply some lovin'
I'm going out a single
Better know that what I feel for you is nothin'
Be sure that I will really mingle
An I'm dressin' up in leather for my darlin'
That makes him feel dynamic
An' I wont reply no more to all your calling
From now on I'll be polygamic
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