This is Hip Song right here, haha, it's my new song, here we go

Verse 1:

I'm showin' off from head to toe, I've got the feelin' got the flow
Tonight I'm gonna steal the show and let you know what it's all about hey!
I'm livin' it up, I'm the king, call me superman yea...
I've never felt nothin' like this before
People everywhere I go lined up as far as I can see
And now they fallin' into line behind the star they know is me
They say that I'm the type of guy that knows success just isn't free.

I've got no problem with that it's all right


This is Hip Song rock tonight,
Let's see ya move your body to the dance floor,
Alright, come on start the party!
Follow my every move, now show me if you got it.
Hip song, Hip song, Hip song, Hip song

Verse 2:

Lean with me and clap,
Roll it with me clap,
Move your hips and clap
To the left I make it clap
You know I start the party come on everybody clap,

I've never felt nothin like this before...
I can feel your pulse runnin' through my soul,
Gonna steal your heart, make you loose control,
You know I'll stay with you all through the night,
I've got no problem with that it's alright.

This is Hip song right here,
How is it?
Yea! Yea!
Everybody likes this...
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Hip Song Lyrics

JD Relic – Hip Song Lyrics

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