You know, I don't really understand why
People keep comin' at me like this
I try to do what's right
It's like they just wake up one day and say
Let's mess wit JClay
But I guess it's true what they say
Good attracts evil
Protons attract electrons

I keep it g though
I stay one up like a free throw
Boy he know he cold like it's below
They be on
My nuts
Why don't you suck it cuz you there yeah
Bust one in the air

[Verse 1]
I just think it's ridiculous
They try treat me like I'm dick-a-less
Then when I let my nuts hang
They on my sack like I'm saint nicholas
They don't respect you til they disrespected
They don't think they foul til they get ejected
That's why I go hard, I just get erected
I get heavy bills, you just get electric
Light bills, still
You can't stop me baby like you on the pill
You cat fishing fools, I just keep it real
That's why I win though, like I'm in the sill
So if you leave me anything, leave me lone
Unless you an investor, then just leave me loans
I can promise 15 roi
I stand tall on my job, I don't lie


[Verse 2]
Mmmmm mmmm mmmm ooh
I just bust one, I just bust two
Bust me, it's bust you
Upside the head cuz I want to
This is my world, enter if you winter
I'm a Christmas eve baby, I just walk on sinners
I ain't no saint, but I rep the Bears
They say the best things come in pears, Hahaha
Tell me what you want from me
Then why you people come for me
If I'm a problem
Why can't you get enough of me
I know I'm the shhh, but don't dump on me
I live i live I live so I can live great
I give I give I give and you can't give thanks
This is all I is and I is straight
I give you free smiles from the freestyles on this mixtape


Tell me how, tell me how my nuts taste
*Repeat * 4
Baby why don't you just let me know
How my nuts taste hoe
Baby why don't you just tell me how
How my nut taste make you smile, hold up
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Free Throw Lyrics

Jclay – Free Throw Lyrics