Verse 1
She's a whiskey shot in your sweet tea
She's a rock guitar at a symphony
She's high heels and a dress in a pickup truck
She's crazy, the girls messed up

She's messed up, like the girl next door gone Hollywood
She ain't right but that's just fine
I wouldn't change her if I could
Cause she messed up good

Verse 2
She's a total wreck but she's beautiful
She's a tie dye shirt cause she's colorful
She'll dance on the bar but she says her prayers
She's a handful but I don't care
Chorus 1x

She's got me messed too,
I love her big wild hair
When she sings like cher
And her don't care attitude
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Messed Up Good Lyrics

JB Rocket – Messed Up Good Lyrics

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