It's 1 am and I'm still up, sippin wine from a solo cup
I gotta six string, and it's capo'd up so I guess I'm doin fine
I wish I had an ear or two besides the ones I'm hearing through
To listen to the things I do, and tell me I'm alright

Things ain't like they used to be, we were young and so carefree
And the line between right and wrong was so defined
It wasn't always how it is, I'm tired of living like I live
So I'm drownin all my pain in this here wine
But I guess I'm doin fine

It's 2 am and I'm still up, there's a real good chance I'm pretty drunk
I found my keys so that I could pop my trunk, but I couldn't find no beer
Sometimes I think I drink too much cuz I seldom stop at just enough
And when my battery's dead I just pop the clutch, and try my best to steer

Things ain't like they used to be, it used to come so easily
But the truth is getting difficult to find
Wasn't always how it is, I used to have so many tears
But I lost them all somewhere along the line, but I guess I'm doin fine

If you're asking cuz you care, man I sure could use a prayer
If there's anyone out thereLove Don't Let You Decide
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Doin Fine Lyrics

JB And Moonshine Band – Doin Fine Lyrics