We be saggin
Fly like a dragon
I be taggin
And you be braggin

Got the g locks aimin
G shocks flamin
I be sayin
Nikkas be hatin

I aint loso
I am talkin ruffle
Yo momma make you work wit a big as shovel
While I'm uptown causin mad trouble

Dats why dey call mii islive
Cuz you will neva see mii at de pool trynna dive
Cuz I aint stupid
I'm trynna stay alive
Buhht if you wanna be a motha fukka den die

Diz da jazzy boi style
What I just showed you was de title
You betta leave cuz you gon lose this battle
N you betta go home befo you gett recycled

I rap wit quality n quantity
Flowin wit equality
Gettin independent automatically
But I am feelin this girl odyssey

While I'm murderin you I see da cops
Imma keep runnin I will neva stop
Until jazzy boi gett 2 de blokk
N I will make it cuz I gotta clokk

I am de best n I cause all de crimes
If you wanna be like mii den drink some lime
All you think about is ur self n ur riches
My minds on my bmw benz n bitches
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Fly Like A Dragon Lyrics

Jazzy Boi – Fly Like A Dragon Lyrics

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