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Real Woman Lyrics

Jazmine – Real Woman Lyrics

Baby you don't understand how
Crazy I am over you and baby
And baby one day you will respect a real woman
A real woman
You know I took this time
To write a song to let you know how I feel (yeah)
How you hurt me, how you did me wrong
But now I know, I gotta stay strong
When you needed me I always was around
When I needed you, you always get down
I am tired it is over now (yeah)
Baby you don't understand how crazy
I am over you, and baby one day you will respect
Real woman a real woman
Baby you don't understand how crazy(you don't
Understand)Baby baby one day you will will respect a
Real woman a real woman(ooh ooh)
You never had a gurl like me
A gurl you know was very faithful to you, who
Respected you, all the things you did
Who was there when everything went down
See you ain't you to gurlz who tried to take ya
Money, always sayin what they want but never
Gave a care of what you need baby
Now you doggin me (ooh ooh ooh)
If you really want me to be ya gurl you will know how to
Treat me, and i'll give the love that you need, but
Don't you know I'm a real woman(a real woman)

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