Verse 1

So cold smile like it's sunny
Side up but you always runny
Scrambled brain with an empty tummy
This high life it looks so yummy
Honey, they like your dress
They like your heals they like your chest
Everybody knows you rock it the best
You got that look you got finesse
And less, is never more
You want more cause less means poor
You don't wanna have to do your chores
The Filipino lady she can clean all the floors
What's in stores not what's in store
Tryna be hard but you got no core
For your conscience you should note
You never looked so cold in your fucking fur coat


Wade in the water
Wade in the water children
Wade in the path that you face
God's going to trouble x2

Verse 2

You saw god soaring above
He was wearing a suit looking all smug
On the brightest cloud with the loudest wings
Even up in heaven they value things
Bring your grit shoot your shit
Kneel at the gates and chat yo chit
Maybe they'll bit your bit
You was always so good at putting on the Ritz
What you willing to do?
With a tuxedo mask you can sail to the moon
A hand full of hearts and a heart full of spades
Dye your hair but baby it fades
Wade in the water child
Up to your knees in jewels and smiles
In the tide hide your tracks
And when it goes out
Don't look back

Chorus X2


See that girl all dressed in red
Seems like we never met
See that girl all dressed in blue
She don't know what she running too
See that girl all dressed in white
Somebody got to show her the light
See that girl all dressed in black
Somebody's got to bring her back

Chorus X3

If you get there before I do
Gods going to trouble the water
Tell my friends I'm going to get there soon
Gods going to trouble the water
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Wade In The Water Lyrics

Jay'dore – Wade In The Water Lyrics