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Victory Lap Lyrics

Jay Rock – Victory Lap Lyrics

[Intro: Jay Rock]
Yeah mane, its ya boy Jay rock, back at it again
Top Dawg Ent mane, a niggas squad
Like I said before Watts Stand up, coming live
Coming live right here Top Dawg Quotas
Nigga drunk as a motherfucking mane, that Hennessy mane
Got a nigga going right now, But I love it though
What you know mane, I’m just having fun with the shit like I said
Top Dawg Ent

[Verse 1: Jay Rock]
Money all I think about, money all I dream about
My .45 is something I never leave without
Los Angeles Nigga, Watts City MC
Project Baby coming straight up out the MG’s
I seen niggas get robbed for less than buck
If he empty ya pockets homeboy ya fucked
In my ghetto, nigga we don’t believe in luck
Cause when a stray fly any nigga get touched
I been broke before I got my dollars up now
Hoes that didn’t like me then now they said that I could fuck now
I used to grind hard played the block like Wallace
Money so thick what the fuck is a wallet
I’m the dark skin nigga that got signed to Warner
Top Dawg Ent bread stacking’ like wonder
Niggas player hating on me I don’t give a shit
I got three words for you you can suck my dick
These haters man, they be killin’ me though you know (ha)
But you know, Fuck Em’ my nigga KIC cause its Top Dawg Ent bitch

[Verse 2: Jay rock]
Lemme take you back to my project apartment
Where the feds raided, but we sold rocks regardless
Cause them streets was calling plus the money was talking
Seen niggas cane stuntin’ but left in a coffin
The more money you make the more niggas gone hate
The more cake you get the more bitches ya take
Yeah I got me a deal, but I’m still a solider
Yeah I’m young as fuck, but my money is older
Went from driving a hoopty to driving fancy cars
My momma was in line when she wished for a star
Yeah I came up hard now I’m shining hard
I woke up this morning I gotta thank the lord
If you tryna rob dog, you won’t get far
Bullets hit ya back shells give ya a massage
Stay on my toes, thats my job
I’m equipped with a chopper
You don’t want no problems (haha)
And like I said, I’m havin’ fun with this shit mane
Top Dawg Ent, All Day, Everyday, Watts Cali-Forn-I A
NG Projects, You know where I stay, 112th St. Central thats where you’ll find me mane

Haha All Day, Dawg whats up mane, your little homie doing it mane
You already know, whats up bunch, B-dog, DJ motherfuckin’ Dave
Sound Whistle, 4th Quarter, my nigga M-dog whats up my nigga
You already know, taking over, BO, haha
Compton in this motherfucker too

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