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Still In The Hood Lyrics

Jay Rock – Still In The Hood Lyrics

I ain't fresh out the hood
I'm still in the hood
Still, still in the hood

[Verse 1: Jay Rock]
I ain't fresh out the hood
I'm still in the hood
Like a 454 big engine that could
And I'm still on the block and you wishing you was
But you can't come back, they see the bitch in you blood
Jay Rock been gutter with the roaches and the rats
Pull up in that 7 series then I park it in the trap
Homies give me dap and the bitches give me hugs
The industry hate me but the hood show me love
I've been doing this, I've been seen the grams
And the ounces to the bricks coming straight up out the Nicks
Federalies got they eyes on the operation
(First the work, talk it cold, slowly conversatin'?)
Smash it down, cop the nav, headin' to the swap meet
Cop a thousand white tees, Cortez Nikes, chains all icy
Niggas know better, it ain't no point to try to fight me
Them choppers get hyphy

Ridin' slow with my eyes on low
Niggas can't see inside my window
(What up? I'm in the hood)
And I ain't never going nowhere
Swear you can find me right here (Y-yeah)
I ain't fresh out the hood
I'm still in the hood
Still, still in the hood

[Verse 2: Jay Rock]
Steppin' out the liquor store, two 11 tall cans
Bottle of that Jose, gin with the OJ
Hundreds with the old face, kush in a swisher wrap
Watts on my fitted cap Nigga where your city at?
Mine's on the east side, ace to the (losom lot?)
Welcome to the beehive, show you what it be like
Niggas better behave, have heart be brave
Keep God on your side, now before it's too late
When them lights come on, hear my niggas (thuggin'?)
Cookies comin' out the oven, customers they steady comin'
Dice games

Always jumpin', watch Daddy shake 'em up
(Centerfold?), back door, shake his pocket leave him broke


[Verse 3: Trae tha Truth]
Now I ain't fresh out the hood, I'm still in the hood
Thuggin' old school, rollin' chopper covered in wood
Acrobatic in the coupe top, sipped on time off (?)
Futuristic with the whip the dealership ain't put mine on (?)
Keep it until time's up as soon as they find out (?)
Hater's be in their place so they could beat up and sign off (?)
And the trapped niggas coppin' it
I represent the (?) in the the city, I'm king bitch
...where rappers never go never get seen bitch
It's 3 in the morning find me at Tony's coppin' up (?)
Ride up the whip for when they reup and most of them (?) be
The only one real enough to bring the hood to wherever
Niggas talkin' tough, but when I come will they get it together
(?) like to breathe, never (???)
If I (?) take the bullets coming for your insides


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