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Freestyle (100 Bars) Lyrics

Jay Rock – Freestyle (100 Bars) Lyrics

[Produced by DJ Skee and Dave Free]

[Intro: ? + Jay Rock]
Top Dawg Entertainment!
Jay Rock, talk to 'em nigga!
Jay Rock, niggas
Watt's finest. Top Dawg Entertainment, bitch
We them do-it niggas
Do it
Y'all better look out (do it), K.Dot the hub city threat
Punchline, that nigga's a monster
Juice, he'll snatch your hoAnd the fat light skinned nigga with braids, he'll fuck you up
Let's go

I'm a straight up menace
I ain't talking 'bout Dennis
Fuck a slingshot
Thing cock it's a nickel plated beam Glock
Straight out the bricks I'm with the business
In the hood making a killing on that cash route
I ain't got time for chilling
I ain't a chump, test if you want
I'll light your ass up like the tip of a blunt
And your mouth on the tip of the pump
Pull the trigger then, watch your top open like the back of a trunk
Pouring hot shit through your back and your front meat
Won't stop dumping 'till you slumped in the front seat
Gun speak, talk's cheap, that's how it is where I be
[?] around the corner pistol in my hand when I sleep
Bodies steady dropping every day of the week
Dog it's nothing new that's how it it is on these streets
The AR, that'll knock your ass off your feet
So gone body left for the pastor to preach
Niggas dying life seem worthless
Been to more funerals, than a church service
Red and blue raggers ride for the purpose
Banging never played out like [?]
Come to the hood, see Glocks jerkin'
Kids sling chrome nigga, one time swervin'
Gangbanging shit never coming to an ending
Whoever started it, that nigga can't finish it
Real talk, gotta watch where you walk
Gotta a maroon colour, your body outlined in chalk
Trunk full of guns, for whoever want drama
Gotta a lot of hand pistols and a lot of Llamas
Got the inf beam on top of the black revolver
Get you 6 shots at a bar like an alcoholic
Niggas scheming and they hate when a nigga balling
My dollar's rising and they funds is steady falling
Fuck em with raps, I'm strapped with a lot of condoms
HIV, that's an uncurable problem
You got a gat, it don't take nothing to pop it
One shot to the head guaranteed to drop 'em
Dot, he'll put five in your face and leave ya
(Chopped and screwed like a Houston mixtape)
Niggas gotta wear bulletproof vests
Niggas wasn't born with a bulletproof chest
Teams getting better so they cutting more cheques
Niggas be hating so we buying more TECs
You bitch niggas, y'all better act right
Yeah my gun's steady smoking like a crack pipe
Woah, my heart cold as popsicle
And I'll [?] your block on a bicycle
Doom Dog, he the captain nigga call me skipper
I'm Gilligan with a gat, I'll leave you crippled
I stay on a mission 187 plenty ammunition
That'll leave a bitch nigga missin', listen huh
I can throw them things, I ain't a punk B
And I roll the dope leave your face all lumpy
Got ballers that shoot straighter than Ginobili
That'll leave you bleeding son, like a ho on a monthly
Yeah, we spending grands monthly
In the trunk, that's where the Mossberg pump be
We got cars roll heavy like tanks
Y'all guns all sterile, y'all be shooting blanks
We don't give a fuck what you think, spit a flame
Afterthought about your brain, should have stayed in your lane
Niggas be shook when the guns is out
Yeah, bullets at your body while some blood come out
Nigga, get low when I blast the 4
Slugs at your head looking like a Sloppy Joe
Give it up nigga, you sloppy joe
Jay Rock came through with a cocky flow
I'm hard, and I'm raw like cocaine
I'm hot like propane, embedded in your head like Rogaine
In high school is was a flunky
I was too busy in the hood serving rock to the junkies
Close your mouth don't front G
I still gotta collect 5 dollars from your auntie
Black jeans 9 ball under the white tee
I'm your pusher man hustling flow like Ice-T
Women think I'm handsome now, all the girls like me
Don't believe me, bitch nigga ask your wifey
Had her in my house she was loving the wood
Had her legs in the air like the kick was good
It's Top Dawg, niggas misunderstood
Don't be alone when we enter your hood

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