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Choppers Lyrics

Jay Rock – Choppers Lyrics

Listen man we gotta carry them choppers
Niggas mad at us, I think I know why
Now we gotta carry them choppers
Niggas talkin' shit, we just gon let the shell fly
Now we gotta carry them choppers
Cause we stackin chips, and we movin them piles
Now we gotta carry them choppers
Niggas plottin' on us, every time we fly by

[Verse 1]
Catch me in the hood posting up with them OGs
Niggas that'll fuck your ass up on GP
If you got a problem, dawg come get at me
Anyway you ain't got the heart to scrap b
Nickerson Gardens is the hood that I come from
And I don't move through nobody hood without my drum
I'ma keep it real got no time for the bullshit
Try to stick me I'ma let them tools spit
It ain't my fault niggas cook and re-up
At the dice game, tried to cheat and got beat up
A nigga mad because Rock papers stack right
Your bitch with me, she gon show you who act right
Every time we come on round
Them haters steady puttin up frowns
When we rollin' rollin'
Don't be no clown
AR knock ya ass on the ground
Nigga when we rollin' rollin' rollin'


[Verse 2]
Niggas love me in New York soon as I pop in
Come and scoop me up from JFK and I'll hop in
Bad bitches in the whip chair, they pushin'
So I'm from The Bronx, I'm from Queens, I'm from Brooklyn
New York women yeah they love my Chuck Tays
They love a nigga voice, can't believe I'm from LA
I'm spendin' dirty money like [?] and big brave
On them 5th ave. tryin' to find them fresh jays
Cadillac dope 24s we got those
On the turnpike 3 wheelin' my low low
Ride four deep steady blowin' them dodo
Niggas like to hate so we carry them 44s
Shorty push the top down
Let me see you move that hump
You know what I'm holdin' holdin'
That's your man, girl, difference is
I'm a G he's a chump
He'll get his face swollen swollen swollen



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