I'm non-compatible, I'm an animal
Gimmie my rep or this raps collateral.
My flows a cannibal, and I'm the admiral
Eat the track up like a fucking antelope
Ever since then I've been feeling blind
Fill up the lines with rhymes and find
That my mind was hypnotized by the n9ne
So I sign my name on that dotted line
Fuck the industry and fuck the them foes
. 44 caliber with a clip to go.
Indigo grip no more spitting slow
Now you know that I got that vicious flow
Jack the ripper, Mr. Get the picture
Flip the script when I'm sipping my liquor elixir
Patron in the cup because the taste is richer
After that I'll go and smoke a blunt like twista
I'm a killer, I'm a shooter, I'll pull out that fucking ruger
Shooting bullets through your medulla, no I aint buda
Disturb the peace like that nigga luda
A mass intruder with his words defined
A devil combined with a platinum mind
On my grind go ahead and catch a ride
Chevy suicides open up, do or die.
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Do Or Die Freestyle Lyrics

Jay Recluse – Do Or Die Freestyle Lyrics

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