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Episodes Lyrics

Jay Prince – Episodes Lyrics

[Verse 1]
I sip from the drips of the fountain of youth
I drank a bit that's what you think of when you thinking of you
Possibly thinking of where you can live and love what you do
Impossible, first fools that come to mind when you do
The things you do and say
The things you say I pray for brighter days
And hope you feel some type of way about love
And what it does to me and what it does for you
Impossible, now it's possible this is the truth
[?] to limbs for many men but
That ain't love
I hope you conqueror your fears and nightmares
The night stares at your ideas
I dare you to live free
I dare you to see the light
And see what it might bring
I ring your phone at night
And you might tell me impossible
Or nah, it's possible
Oh what, impossible
Oh what, impossible
Oh no, it's possible
You tell me if possible

[Hook x2]
I've been thinking I've been hoping
That I would make it out of the ghetto
Maybe somewhere we could life
Maybe somewhere we could fly
Take me high and bring me low
Clear your mind and free your soul
Keep your eyes open wide
We can take it high tonight

[Verse 2]
I've been want get lifted
I've been want neglected
I've been want to be at the back of the class when all the people who have to stay distant
And don't be killing my vibe, I run this shit
And never taking my time, there's no rushing a kind that I am
Playing a part that I plan, give me the light and I ran with it
Whoa, ah, I didn't know, never really seen me around I stay low
Looks kinda hot when a soul Five-O young kid playing ball this is all I know
Mama told me come home, mama told me come home
The cars outside
The niggas outside, then them niggas my ride
Your love is all I have, love is all I need
Give it to me now
Everytime I think about you I've been thinking about life
Everytime you think about me you've been thinking I'm wife
Nah, good time, simmer down, simmer down let it take time
Simmer down, you don't really know me
Simmer down, you don't really know me
These [?] looking for me
Late night call them sunny
And i didn't even want to tell me what the fuck is up in there right now, brother you are the juice
Smoke a little sherm, smoke a little sherm get faded
Smoke a little sherm, smoke a little sherm get away
Smoke a little sherm, smoke a little sherm get faded
Smoke a little sherm, smoke a little sherm get away

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