I'm only left with a piano to accompany me all day
Sleepin on a grand piano
Silently worning out
I think you've shown it prefectly clear
I understand and I know that you're willing to
You said that you will be sad
But I don't believe it
Accompanying me and holding my hand like before
I hope that he really love you more than I do
So I will forced myself to leave you
You want me to say it, it's hard for me
I don't even want us to separate
Why do I still replace my sadness with a smile?
I really don't have that talent
Being with you and then accept him
You don't have to worry too much
I can manage on my own
You've gone so far away
And I will slowly walk away
Why do I still hold you when I should be leaving?
I really don't have that skill
To remain silent so soon
I will learn how to give you up
It's because I still love you so much
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An Jing (english) Lyrics

Jay Chow – An Jing (english) Lyrics

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