I see him coming

We hold our rock we are ready

The thing we'll do to him

They aren't fit for anyone

Hey this is serious business

I'm gonna hate myself

Still I just can't wait to begin

The monster inside me
Can't be talked out of anything

He's got an appetite

Oh no he's hungry now

I just gotta restrain him
The seam inside me grows

Kiss your better half goodbye

All those things you trusted in
The man that you pride yourself on

All the control you think you hold
Anything that can go wrong

Will find itself come and gone
His body lies broken

Hey some harsh words were spoken

I feel terrible

It just got away
Had to make him pay

For the hole in my heart
It's been my fault from the start

If you think it all makes sense

Can you tell the difference
Anything that can go wrong
Between a quarter and twenty five cents

Will find itself come and gone
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Better Half Lyrics

Jawbreaker – Better Half Lyrics