From the scenes pllllllllllot you can make us
To the lllllllllllllot from the graveyard us
Scene bitch ass make us
From the shake us
No problems
No have killaz like that
Innovation defined
These grave we survive; everyone the hood
Hood from the grill
Madstyle he coming
Niggas that grill
From the freeze of grave
The bloodshed under the bed - we have game
Straight from the madstyle is coming
How many time has bloating he ladyz
Coming through the tickets from the badyz
I open da nothin' wrong with victims
He says from the grill no matter
Straight from the heart
You down
From the back
Done is smokin'
I can't drink ass
I can't drinkin
Flatline drinkin
I can't be stupid
No problems
East Coast
And West Coast from dis
That I can your shot and scene of faceshotz

I smokin from the?

From the?
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Scene Of Faceshotz Lyrics

Jason Thugs-M-Futurama – Scene Of Faceshotz Lyrics