Verse 1:
You are the city’s hero
You save all people
Supernatural is you
Supernatural is you
You come from the sky
I know you cannot die
You kill all the darkness in the world
You are my super

You fighting for me
I'm take the chance
I'm understand
My life is in your hands
My Hero!
You Are My Angel
Are you Superman
Or Spider-Man never mind
As long as you do what you can

Verse 2:
I know it is true
No one can help me as you
You take care of super villains
You take care of super villains
When crime comes
You coming with your friends
So you can stop it now
Because you are my super
My life depends on yours
You are my Hero
You come from angel school
You are my Hero
I know everything about you
You're my Hero
My Hero
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Superhero Lyrics

Jason Stetson – Superhero Lyrics