Usually I get fighting mad
When I'm late for work and the traffic's bad
Usually I would cuss that man for cutting in my lane
Usually I just can't resist the urge to scream and shake my fist
Usually it just wrecks my day
Usually I don't act this way

But she's here now
Turning everything around
It's not every day I get to wake up into a dream
I wonder where she hides her wings
Cause girls like that don't fall for guy's like me


Usually I don't sing along
To slow and sappy sweet love songs
Usually I don't say I'm wrong 'bout much of anything
Usually I don't fall so hard
Open up and share my heart
Go all in and show my cards
Usually it don't get that far


Don't know how I made it through this crazy life without her
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Usually Lyrics

Jason Greeley – Usually Lyrics