[Verse 1: Jason Derulo]
I like the way that your body move all over the floor, na na na
I'd like to find a way to get lost in you, yeah yeah yeah
I wanna talk to ya, baby, say what's on your mind
Girl tell me anything that you wanna do, yeah yeah yeah

[Pre-Chorus: Jason Derulo]
Ain't we all just looking for some loving tonight?
Got a crazy feeling that I've hit you just right

[Chorus: Jason Derulo]
Try me in the morning when the sun comes rising up
Try me in the afternoon, bet you just can't get enough
Try me in the evening, satisfaction guaranteed
Baby, I got what you need, you gotta try me
Try me

[Verse 2: Jennifer Lopez]
Let's go and find a place and get to know each other more, na na na
It's all on your face, I know you like what you see, yeah yeah yeah
I'm the one for you, baby, but you can take your time
Let the music bring your body to me, yeah yeah yeah

[Pre-Chorus: Jennifer Lopez]

[Chorus: Jason Derulo & Jennifer Lopez]

I got what you need you gotta try me

[Bridge: Jason Derulo & Jennifer Lopez]
Bring that body closer, I wanna feel your skin up on mine
Like I already know ya, I'm grabbin' that ass from behind
As we dutty wine, I got chills down my spine
As we dutty wine, girl, we might be meant to be

[Chorus: Jason Derulo & Jennifer Lopez]

I got what you need you gotta try me
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Try Me Lyrics

Jason Derulo – Try Me Lyrics

Songwriters: David Ritz, Jason Desrouleaux, Lindy Robbins, Marvin Gaye, Odell Brown, Shy Carter
Try Me lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.

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