Oh no, you didn't pass the inspection
Gotta me headed in a new direction
And I must admit the gift was nice
Still shoulda thought twice, but ya rolled the dice
And even though, I feel like trying
It's obvious that chya stopped complying with
How the way things used to be
And this new way, just ain't for me

Pre Chorus:
Oh please don't ask me why
My hands waiving goodbye
I just can't do this again

Even though I know I'm torn inside
I know what I'm doing right now is right
I know I'm better off this way
There's nothing to say
Even though, you say you wanna try
I move to the left, when you move to the right
And It could never be the same
There's nothing to say
Ooh, Ooh, Ooh
Ooh, Ooh, Ooh
And even though, I see you calling
I can't deny, it's me that's stallin' now
Cause what I said, it still remains
I hear what your saying, but your still the same
So many times, you left me waiting
And now I'm done, contemplating, what
It would take, for me to stay
The price is high, too high to pay
Oh please don't ask me why
I will not compromise
No way I'll do it again...

I'm liking what I see
This different side of me
This is the girl I've always known
I won't let down myself
By being Someone else
I just won't do it again, Can't do it again... Can't do it again...
Left to say, Left to say
I'm on my way
You and me are yesterday
There's nothing left to say
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Nothing Left To Say Lyrics

Jasmine Sagginario – Nothing Left To Say Lyrics