(Verse 1)
Your a another world peace under my skin
Do you want me to stay calm
I was wanna screamed my name for you
There is a chance to let it go
I remember for the first time
But I get a last time

Do you wanna fight with her for the last time
But I knew your here for the bet
As you are standing in my way
So I'm everything you give for the last few years
As your here with her
I don't wanna catch a dream so damn for
But I got the feeling your not her friend again
And I feel the moment in my hands
As your here with her

(Verse 2)
Don't push me onto the ground
I can the words of part of my dream
There are facts that you need to believe
And there's a goal in my own way
Everything you own me for the best as I can
So I'm moving on my own way

(Verse 3)
Something in my mind is burning like crazy
Like I know for the truth
For any best moments here with the wind
Can I hear you like there is something in my head
That I got a chance to say
But your only the things that I want to get for
Ooh. Ooh. Oh Yeah Yeah
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Your Here With Her Lyrics

Jasmine Livingston – Your Here With Her Lyrics

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