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My Feeling For You Lyrics

Jasmine Guy – My Feeling For You Lyrics

I wish I could see through your eyes
You really do love me
I wish that my life was easy to live with and without

My friends my family
They know me real well to say I know what you are like
My family I think sometimes they don; 't know me

There's so much going on in my mind
I can't understand why I am worring so much
About you and everyone elase

My feelings inside are strong
My love for you I know is real
My friends don't really wanna hear what I got to say
From the heart

I wish I could know how much you love me
I wish I knew you feel something inside for me
I wish I had the answer to my problem I seem to not get very well
My body feels so clubsey
I'm getting out of what I'm going through though
My body dosen't really care oh oh oh yeah.... This feeling inside I can't say is just so hard to understand and explain to you

My feelings for you are true
My inside feels so week without you
I wish people wouldn't judge you before they even know you
People like to hurt me cause they are not happy wiith themselves or
They haven't got anything elase better to do

I can not do without friends
Without family on my side
I feel lost
I feel so angry about everything changing every second in my life
Am I crazy??? People just don't know me real well to say
I'm not normal cause I know deep inside I am
If I wasn't why am I this way

My feelings inside for you are strong stronger then ever
I can't believe that I can't sometimes control my emotions
I wish that I was strong strong to be wtihout you
I can not live without friends with0ut family on my side
That's why I'm so confused I want friends
I want to have a friend so close to me
I wish u understand where I'm coming from
These days I don't do much
But sit at home with family
Watching tv in my bedroom
Enjoying my own stay

I only except having a small house
I only want to be here with you..
Wish you understand straight away..
Wish you tell me what you feel for me inside.
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