When you find a meaning in life, hey!
You've got all the work done
Because when you'll leave this place your mind will be free
You've got the real key to go and don't look back
Cause you now you're right and that means you don't need to hide
Can you hear that? Is yourself asking for life.

(Church Gospel)

Maybe I felt alone sometimes, but never felt down
And you know how it works, all about thinking 'bout your smell all the time
And you know you're right, so that means you don't need to hide.

No matter how you are,
No matter what you do,
You'll feel sometimes blue.

No matter where you go,
No matter where's my soul,
I still got something to show you.


Like a real man said life is what happens
While you're making other plans
So don't stop walking the long and
Winding road that you are, you just gotta let it go.

Are you dead inside?
You don't need to hide
Do you hear that?
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Like A Real Man Said Lyrics

JARPS – Like A Real Man Said Lyrics