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Vampyre (English Version) Lyrics

Janne Da Arc – Vampyre (English Version) Lyrics

You look like my type, a little dry humor
Serves no use Inspiration
'buy me that, love me more'
I'm good at supporting you
Thrust me up, make me wet
Make it fit, vibration
I only noticed, once I'd fallen
You're a vampyre.

I want to cut out the tongue that twists around
I want to snap the fingers that caress
I want to sink my teeth in so badly, but you're not here.
Peek, into the heart, and what can you see?

I'm fine with being pathetic, I just wanna stay with you
I don't need anything but, give me proof
I feel like I'm going to fall apart, unable to see anyone
Suck it all up, all the way to the marrow of my bones.

I don't care who, feel it crushing me
Navigation to heaven
I know it, stupid bitch
I'm good at supporting you
Abandoned, right to the very limits
I was mistaken, masturbation
Love ain't nothing,
I'll give it all to you for free.

Is the wreckage of love littered about,
In the room where we played house real?
It's only that my heart and body shrivelled up
Look at the future, tell me what do you see?

No need to get fancy, I just wanna be loved
Even if I lose everything I have now, I want you

Everything is frozen about to be ground to dust
Don't leave me alone, I'd rather be your slave

Making love with you, stick my nails in your chest
If love hurts so bad, I just won't believe in it
I can't forget, I can't get away from it
Somewhere I still believe your lies
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