All night long I walk the floor
I don't think I can take much more.
You're out running God knows where.
I get the feeling you just don't care.

Tell me 'cause I need to know.
Cause if you do you never let it show.
Baby if your puttin' me down,
Why am I hangin' around?

:: Chorus::
Tell me why, why do you break my heart,
Treat me like you do when I
Try, try so hard just to satisfy you, baby.
Why you wanna make me cry?
I know I love you but I don't know why.

Sit down now we gotta talk this out.
Cause I'm beginning to have my doubts.
I wanna stay in love with you,
But you've got to give me a reason to.

Well, I can only give so much.
Now pretty soon I'm gonna give it up.
Boy, you gotta make it clear,
What am I doing here?

:: Chorus::

Seems like you could try a little harder,
To let me know you care.
Cause there ain't never been a time when
I haven't been there.

:: Chorus (loop)::
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Tell Me Why Lyrics

Jann Browne – Tell Me Why Lyrics