If I had a mockingbird for every tear I've shed,
Skies would rain with laughter every time I raise my head.
And every drop would be a tear that fell upon the ground
'Til the waters rose so high that I must surely drown.

And it's cold, cold, cold, and no hint of spring
Yes, it's cold, cold, cold, when the mockingbird sings.

When I used to walk this earth beneath the harvest moon
All the heavens rose above me silent as a tomb.
Now the skies are filled with noise, moonlight wears a shroud
Black enough to bury every broken ugly vow.


If I had a mockingbird for every lie I've found
Sky would fill with laughter til it shattered from the sound.
And every piece that fell to earth would land with such a spark,
Finally there'd be flame enough to warm my broken heart.

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Mockingbird Lyrics

Janis Ian – Mockingbird Lyrics

Songwriters: JANIS IAN
Mockingbird lyrics © DO WRITE MUSIC LLC

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