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Single Lyrics

Janelle Kroll – Single Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Leave at the alter
Leave him for dead
He's not your best man
You're not his friend
Don't tell your mother
All that you did
You have your girlfriends
Never had them kids

[Hook 1]
So this is single, single
Now that you're single
Single, you're busted

[Verse 2]
Mexico City
He's Rock and Roll
Get with his music
He'll suck your soul
He's doing cocaine
Nine to five
It's not his problem
He works at night

[Hook 2]
Want him he's single, single
Now that you're single
Single, You're busted

[Verse 3]
He's Chumbawumba
I'm Barbie Girl
Stuck in the 90s
Inside his world
He loves his ego
More than he'll ever know
But can you blame him
That beard won't grow

[Hook 3]
Now that you're single
Now that you're single
Single, You're busted

[Verse 4]
She's got a new man
Wished he were gay
He's got that number
It's not that way
What about five boyfriends
Four nights a week
It's OK Cupid
OK it's free

[Hook 4]
Now that you're single
Better get tested
Now that you're single
Girl you can't trust it

Helium balloon
Take me get you high
Helium balloon
Take off for the sky
Helium balloon
Girl you'll get on by

(Spoken) And it's get harder and harder but you're more and more a woman every time

[Hook 4/Coda]
Now that you're single, single...
Can I keep the ring (2)
Let her keep the ring
Can she keep the ring
Now that you're sing uh uh uh uh uh uh uh le
Now that you're single
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