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Vladimir * Vladimir Lyrics

Jane Siberry – Vladimir * Vladimir Lyrics

Section I
(many voices overlapping):

I wouldn't call it dark one spade
Three spades I wouldn't call it
Light either four spades pass oh
Oh there go all my coins there's
Someone at the door what was that?
There's water nearby I can tell
Drop down to or pass on by? Pass
On by and after the meeting they
Asked me if I would like to become
The conductor of their choir I
Couldn't believe it isn't it fantastic?
It's not art it's self-defense it
It captures him he has to capture
It back it's a power struggle self-
Defense it's not art not art are
These your coins? Oh yeah did you
Sit down? Are you cold? No I'm cold
I mean yes grainy I was thinking
Of something else pretty cold brrr
No don't sound like you're reading
It just sort of say it there are
Mountains nearby like you're moving
Through the night I can tell and
It's grainy I can hear the coins
Dropping on them drop down to or
Pass on by? Pass on by has nothing
To do with the church because it
Is a choir from the church but they
Say it doesn't matter we sing other
Songs as well beauty without scrutiny
That's a true definition of it
I could tell it was beautiful before
I even saw it and I pressed through
The tourists swimming swimming
Through the freezing pins to see and I
Couldn't see you could say one more
Silent something pressing through the
Graininess of night I'm really longing
Forward to see you now let the music
Play for a while grainy grainy this
Time I remembered to say I love
You and then we moved through a
Dark valley and then up into the
Sky and I said look! Look! But there
Was not a speck to be seen...
But there's water nearby...
Mmm mmm...

Section ii

There is a man
Standing in a field
Leans on his hoe
Stares down the furrows
Counts on his fingers
One more endless flight
Of the inarticulate soul
That he borrows

Section iii

Vladimir Vladimir
Standing in the field
'til he lines his
Sight along the furrows
Waiting for the...
Waiting for the...
Waiting for the flight

Set against the fading light
Waiting for his
Hand to put the hoe down
Waiting for the...
Waiting for the...
Waiting for the flight
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