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Remind You Lyrics

Jandek – Remind You Lyrics

[right channel] I got fifteen jokers hot as lead
[right channel] I got a Kodak camera in my head
[left channel] I been on the Bowery
[left channel] Been on Beacon Hill
[left channel] I ain't got no money
[left channel] Oh Jesus, I never will
[right channel] I got the right of way down a one way street
[right channel] I click a finger to the beat
[left channel] You got all money
[left channel] Why you want me too
[right channel] From before and what's more
[left channel] I ain't got no money
[left channel] What you want me to do
[right channel] I got you
[left channel] Where you put your laundry
[left channel] I ain't never been
[left channel] All I got's my shoes
[left channel] They took me where I been
[right channel] You're the dream I been dreamin'
[left channel] And are you serious when you say my name
[left channel] Saw you something [?]
[left channel] I know I ain't playin'
[left channel] So I'll say goodbye
[left channel] Hope you knew I came
[left channel] Just to remind you [2x]
[right channel] You're the cast of my eye
[right channel] Yes, you're the catch of the season
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