I try to fight
Author: Jamie Stevens (Ascap)
Composer: Jamie Stevens (Ascap)
© 2001

They can do anything they want to do
And they - they can try to put me through anything
I know that I will survive
And I've got my pride
Something they can't deny
I will make it this time

I still got my strength
I still got my dignity
Inside I know that
No matter what they will do
I know that I will get over this too
I know that this is true
Anytime I have stood up in this life
And tried to fight

[Verse 2:]
If they say that I have to make it their way
I know I won't try
Cause I know what's best for me
That's one thing I never missed
I can't go for this
I know which way to go
Please don't tell me so

Repeat chorus
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I Try To Fight Lyrics

Jamie Stevens – I Try To Fight Lyrics