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Professional Time Killer Lyrics

Jamie Randolph – Professional Time Killer Lyrics

Professional at killing time, its killing time.
So grab your coat its time to go
Your numbers up
The city said so
Or, we could stay and watch the rain
Ill let you talk me into going insane
I hear its nice
And the drugs are good the drugs are good

And I'm finished with here
Yeah I'm finished with here
Unless you convince me otherwise

Want to be my reason for going on this year?
Ill bet you don't
And its pretty obvious that your (I'm the one thats) scared
And I bet you wont

Doing good to get out of bed
Its not that bad, that's what I tell myself
But its untrue.
Can anybody find me a little truth

And I'm sick of being scared
Yeah I'm sick of being scared
Oh baby, please don't leave

The rain sliding down his/her face
Mixing with tears about saying bye
To a boy/girl whos confused
Borderline destroyed by a world
That insists on having its way
With the two of us standing on the street
That's seen better days
Mixing with colors her eyes werent made
To see me being weak
I used to be starved for life
Now I'm all filled up
On self destruction videos

Sunday morning in Sunday best
Her Sunday skin in that Sunday dress
And I'm through
I've never seen girls that look like you do
And shes melting me
Like ice cream on the street
On the fourth of July
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