What if I told you
Would you believe me
I was the only one not playing your game
I couldn't help it
It was so easy
I'm so much better on my own

If I was a lifeboat
I still wouldn't save you
'Cause I know someone else would throw you a line
I was almost prey to your wolfish ways
But it's not your lucky day
I'm not gonna fall for your love

You want to believe that I could be enchanted under your spell
Now you can see that I control me and can never be held

As I walk out the door You talk but I don't hear no more
You wanna know how I could go, you wanna see what you look like to me

I'd like to thank you
For showing me how to
Now I can see someone who's playing your game
And when I tell you
You will believe me
I'm so much better on my own
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Told You Lyrics

Jamie Leonhart – Told You Lyrics

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