[Verse 1]
These past few days, it's been a terrible house
Hold pain and it won't soon forget it
And we ain't got a broom, broken glass in every room
We're both to blame for it, I'm sure
But tell me one thing, if another man said your name
Would it still sound poetic?
If so fuck it then, don't really wanna live
Just call the cops on me

And tell 'em I'm jumping out of the window with my heart on fire
Flying fast as the wind goes as I chase the moonlight
Love grows like a crescendo and it take me high
So I'm jumping out of the window with my heart on fire, tonight

Way up, way up
Way up, way up

[Verse 2]
These past 2 years we could fill up a room with tears
From the floor to the ceiling
We could feel the sun even through a thunderstorm
The floods won't reach the gates, I'm sure
The climb did changed now I'm carrying
Always rains but you still love the weather
If so fuck it then, don't really wanna leave
Just call the press on me

[Hook] + [Post-Hook]

Now I'm jumping and falling and calling and screaming your name
Glasses and pieces I'm clearing it off of your veins
How many stories have fallen, where do I begin?
The damage is done, you can tell by the cuts in my skin
Ain't no running away from all of the painful things
If my heart is to [?] you know it'll leave a stain
I see your foot on the ledge, I know that you feel the same
Let's jump out of this window together

[Outro x2]
Jumping out of the window
Flying fast as the window goes for love
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Jumping Out The Window Lyrics

Jamie Foxx – Jumping Out The Window Lyrics

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