Mary and I were the perfect picture of love
But my world started spinnin around
Til it wasn't enough
I tried to hang on to the heaven she made just for me
But when I slipped and fell it drove her to hell
And lord knows that I hate to see

Mary go round, mary go round
Mary I wish you'd stop takin your heartache to town
Why can't you see, that free love aint free
You'll spin til you fall to the ground
Mary I wish that you'd never found
The mary go round

Nah she's not the first to discover the devils playground
But this aint no game and these demons aint playing around
They'll make her believe they
Can drain all her pain with a drink
And if she sinks below this burn in my soul
To watch them all laugh as they sing

Repeat chorus

You'll spin til you fall to the ground
Mary I curse the day that you found
The mary go round
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Mary Go Round Lyrics

Jamey Johnson – Mary Go Round Lyrics

Songwriters: STEVEN WILSON
Mary Go Round lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.

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