Hang on, she said.
I am ignoring all your late night calls
I'd prefer to sleep, that feel so small
I have this feeling
I'm about to crumble and fall.
Are you going to the discotheque
Cigarettes, perfume, drink and sweat
I'd prefer a good book and you in bed.
Hang on, she said.
Why are we fighting when we should be close to a wedding
Which would be better than most.
We should be in our hearts
Not at our throats.
Hang on, she said
Now I can feel that you're mad with me
Is it justified or imaginary
Tell me one day
How you would like me to be.
Living with you is a dangerous flame
You sweep me away, and then you drive me insane.
Keep your distance.
I'm looking for someone to blame.
Hang on, she said.
Be a good friend tonight.
Understand, see it from my side.
Be a good friend tonight,
One day you will see me in better light.
Hang on, she said
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Hang On Lyrics

James – Hang On Lyrics

Songwriters: ROB THOMAS
Hang On lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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