I am in Ohio come see 'em and what the hype about...
(Distorted repeat)
I am in Ohio come see 'em and what the hype about...
(Distorted repeat)

Yea I'm higher than I've ever been - yea!
I say I'm higher than I've ever been

Verse 1:

And they say "Who the hell is James Wade?" "Lights where?" "What Set?"
Teach you how to dougie? Nah I'm a dummy with this dubstep
I smoke like it's my medicine - I'll show you where these drugs at
Vick, to these Eagles - Tommy Pickles to these Rug-rats
And it's a wrap! - Bass, Snare, with them kick drums
Party Like a Rockstar - Jersey Shore fist pump
Up, up and Awaaaaay - J is so sic, with the words
I'm gifted for bein' different - Revenge of the Nerds
Wipe my ass - while I shit on this verse
Because rap is in 2 lanes - My set's in the 3rd, word
I'm off that herb - that's some shyt - you'd bet your life on
Ladies love to sweat 'em - strip naked - and keep the Lights On


You know we in the building cuz the LIGHTS ON
Ladies keep the LIGHTS ON, My niggas keep the LIGHTS (4x's)
(So whatchu sayin?) I'm sayin we keep the LIGHTS ON

2 Verse:

Las Vegas lights yea - all you ever see is stars
Yea we keep the lights on - it's vegas everywhere we are
[ Fuck em all - let em fall - shut em all down -
Haters in the crowd if you seem em point em out...]
And yea I smoke til I'm on clouds - guess I'm way to use to bein high
I done been to flight school - they teach you the way the fly
Got a cup of liquor - wait - all I needs a tray of ice
Hoppin out those suicide doors - like I'm hatin life
A different day - but the same shit
Michael Jackson - "Bad", yea, "Off The Wall" - "Dangerous"
All I do is rage, throwin raves in the basement
Bumpin Chiddy Bang - and get blazed with base head
Hop up out the range - shit'll wave like a spaceship
Broads just wanna taste it - and you aint gotta say shit
Wasted - yea the room spinnin like a ten speed
But I aint Britney Spears - so you can't "Hold It Against Me"

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Lights On! Lyrics

James Wade – Lights On! Lyrics