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Line 'em Up Lyrics

James Taylor – Line 'em Up Lyrics

from album: Hourglass (1997)

Jt on sony. Com: the song starts in the final moments of the nixon white house with the president's farewell address. So he says goodbye. .. Goodbye. Next he's got to walk across the room, out
Ack door, across the lawn, past the vacant but alert (zen) marine, into the helicopter and away. He does this by lining up the white house staff and moving down the line shaking hands and saying
Le things - voila.
After some typical personal stuff the songs ends in madison square garden in 1987 with a mass wedding of the unification church; the reverend sun moon presiding via satellite video down link.

None of this may have actually happened.

I remember richard nixon back in '74
And the final scene at the white house door
And the staff lined up to say good-bye
Tiny tear in his shifty little eye
He said nobody knows me
Nobody understands
These little people were good to me
Oh I'm gonna shake some hands

Somebody line 'em up
Line 'em all up
Line 'em up
Line 'em all up
Line 'em up
Line 'em all up
Line 'em up
Line 'em all up

At that time my heart was all broke
I looked like ashes and smelled like smoke
And I turned away from my loving kind
Try to leave my body and live in my mind
But it's much too much emotion
To hold it in your hand
They've got waves out on the ocean
They're gonna wear away the land

- chorus -

Oh I've seen corn in kansas
And I've seen picket fences
And certain cowboy dances
I've gone lining up for shows
I've been safely placed in rows
Sure I know how it goes

Another day goes by
Little time machine
I'm breaking my brain
Over what it might mean
Just to claim the time
And to turn away
To make today today

Who waits for you
Lonely tired old toad
It's your life laid out before you
Like the broken white line down the center of the road

- chorus -

Yeah, big moon landing
People all standing up
Smiles for the loved ones
They go walking on down the aisles
Each re-engages stepping into the sun
I watch them turn like pages
One by one by one

- chorus -
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Songwriters: JAMES TAYLOR

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