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Game Changer Lyrics

James Reid – Game Changer Lyrics

I'm tellin' you men
This girl, she might be the one

I know what they say 'bout me
And most of it's true
I act like I don't mind it
Even if I do

I used to call them trophy
But that's in the past
Coz girl when you're around me
I get a second chance

I listen when you call me
Turn my back on the old me
Tell the old me to be the new me
To stay with you forever call it always

So let's forget what they say
(It's just you and me)
And we can show them baby
Just how good we can be

They all say that they know me
But its not like you do
Girl they all think you're crazy
Tryin' to save me, tryin' to save me [2x]

I know with all my old way
(I'll show you the man)
I'll be there for you always
(To hold your hand)

Oh girl you make me feel so
(Feel so incomplete)
Coz girl without you I know
I know I ain't me

So put it on me
I'll never let you be lonely
You're my one and only
My one and only
Oh taunting me forever call it always

You know that I will love you
(Until the end of the world)
Forever I'll be your man
And you'll be my girl
(Repeat Chorus)

Oh wooh oh woh oh
Oh wooh oh woh oh, oh wooh
You changed my game
Yeah I wished for you
You're my dream come true
Yeah you got me babe oh you changed my game yeah... [3x]

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