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Never Say Never Lyrics

James Horner – Never Say Never Lyrics

Excuse moi, pardon, did you say never?
So young, and you've already lost hope
Ah, this is America, the place to find the hope
If you give up now, you will never find you family
So never say never, say

Never say never
What ever you do
Never say never, my friend
Henry I

If you believe that
Your dreams will come true
They'll come true in the end
But I

Keep up your courage, don't ever despair
Take heart and then count to ten
Hope for the best
Work for the rest and never say never again

Aw, but it's impossible, I'll never find my family
Ah, never say never, now say that, go on

Never say never whatever you do, again
Never say never to me, see how easy
If you believe you can come shining through
That's, that's how it's gonna be perfect

Remember to look on the bright side
'Til then
And never say never again

Now are you ready to go and find your family?
Chantal, take my little friend through immigration
You'll find your family there

Everybody goes through immigration
I would take you there myself
But then I would never finish my statue
Henry you said never, oh, so I did

Never say never
Never say never
Never say never again

Au vois bon soir, good luck
Good bye
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