Oh yea (x3)
You know when you’re right
You know when you’re wrong (Yes you do)
But you wanna fight (oh-oh-ouuuuu)
You know you’re too strong
There’s a mountain of things that fall when my phone rings
And all my diamond rings turn back into coal

There’s a mountain of things that you drop right on me
And I fall down so deep
Got me climbing for you out here

I was climbing
Then I fell in love
And now, just climbing forever
You never let me slide
So I pulled you down
Now we’re climbing together

Just keep on falling down
Don’t turn this around
Gon be climbing forever
You know I’m down

Don’t have me climbing forever
Cause I’m sliding
It’s a good thing we’re climbing together
Cause I need you right here (x3)
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Climbing Forever Lyrics

James Fauntleroy – Climbing Forever Lyrics