All my dreams are running straight to you
Don’t know what to do
Try to swear our dreams are till the day I die
Ending a dream in two
But my eyes are open
And I dream you are awake
When I close my eyes the same

Always said I had a beautiful mind
I don’t know why
If my mind’s so fucking beautiful
Can you tell me why?

I’m standing here, trying to figure out
How to get you here one day
When I close my eyes
Girl, I’m saying don’t worry, baby
I’m right here, keeping you safe, baby
Girl, I’m not stopping you
Don’t worry, baby, I’m right here
Don’t call me crazy, don’t you know who you’re talking to?
Someone in love with you
I’m just in love with you
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A Beautiful Mind Lyrics

James Fauntleroy – A Beautiful Mind Lyrics