When I was the age of three
My dear mother had a
Little talk with me

She said a woman
Can be a good little thing
But, son, she mean a
Whole world to men

If I hadn't loved
Your daddy this way
He wouldn't be the
Big man he is today

Don't you know
A man needs a woman
A man got to have a woman
To carry on (to carry on)
To carry on

Just like the fish needs the ocean
Just like rough hand need a little lotion
Like the windows needs pane
Like the highway needs two lane


Just like a vampire needs blood
Like a dead dog need them bugs
Just like the darkness needs the light
Just like the fisherman, he needs
He needs a little bite now, oh, yeah


Just like a boxer need gloves
Just like me, I need a little love
Like the soldier needs a gun...
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A Man Needs A Woman Lyrics

James Carr – A Man Needs A Woman Lyrics

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