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Sad Song Backwards Lyrics

Jake Shears – Sad Song Backwards Lyrics

Every god damn day since you left me
Hung me dry betrayed and you effed me
I'm bereft depressed and so confused
Didn't quiet understand what you wanted
You'd shoot down superman if you hunted
No one safe in sights you use

With red flags and shopping bags
You don't spare them horses
Just spare me all the grief and bitter rain
Cuz I can't handle one more night
You fill my heart with dynomite and
Only one thing seems to keep me sane

Play a sad songs backwards
And I'll pretend that I've got you back
Make believe that I'm not pacing up and down these halls
Taking double fistfuls of prozac

Can't take a full step forward
Until I make 2 in reverse
I'm tired of living in this broke-down, busted, sad Joanna chours
Take me back into the verse

I can always try to give a little love
Good man always die
That never get enough
I say that's no business of mine!

Lord won't you come on down and try to carry me
I may need dose of shock therapy
Have I turned my blood into wine?

On all the surfaces medicinal purposes
It's true
That I swear I'd do anything
Including get up and sing
To stop me now from thinking of you

Play a sad songs backwards
And I'll imagine that you're not gone
And try to forget when I woke up at 11:10 this morning
I was face down on the lawn

I'll deny that I'm not binging
On vodkas, red bull's and lucky strikes
Until i glue back all the tiny little pieces scattered around of a heart
You never broke

I'll keep tryin to find my way (find my way)
If you were years of heaven
Then this here's ground hog day

Play a sad songs backwards
I'll pretend I got you back
Make believe that I'm not contemplatin going to bed tonight
On the local railroad tracks

Hind-sight is 20/20
But I see so clearly
Love is blind
Tell myself it's not a broken record skipping off the shelf
And you're last thing on my mind

Play a sad songs backwards
Play a sad songs backwards
Sad songs backwards
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Songwriters: Christian Hebel, Jason Sellards, Lance Booth Horne
Sad Song Backwards lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd., Warner Chappell Music, Inc.

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